Member Recognition

The Toronto Duke Ellington Society needs to recognize the contribution of the following members for their contribution to the smooth running and success of our society:


The ‘phone committee of Matt Wood and his team of Mel Manley, Barry Tisdall and Allan Jones.

Meeting refreshments provided by Mel Manley with contributions from Judy Shiels, Jeanette Chafe, Harold Swartz, Brad Perkins, George Davis, Mary Wilson, Sheila Northover, Patricia Poole, Diana Pegram and Roslyn Harris.

Facebook Page creation and update by Mark Guilbeault

Harold Swartz for obtaining the Rex Hotel coming events brochures

We also need to thank all of those members who made presentaions in the past season. 

The Toronto Duke Ellington Society must acknowledge Margaret Stowe  for all of her work in creating this web site and in resolving the technical issues that inevitably occur.  Many Thanks Margaret.  She can be found at: